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Different Kinds of Little League Bats and Baseball Bats

There are so many choices available right now for various little league bats and baseball bats and sometimes it’s confusing to make your own pick for your kids. Many coaches will recommend different kinds of baseball bats if you ask them but you must be thinking what these bats are for and what their uses are. Here are the various types of little league bats and baseball bats that are available for you to choose from.

All baseball bats vary in weight, material and length. There are little league baseball bats appropriate for different ages and heights and they also differ in design for aesthetics.

The Tee-Ball Bats are appropriate for the youngest age bracket, five to seven years old, and are often used in coach-pitch and tee-ball leagues. These bats are the lightest you can ever find and perfect for the little ones who just started learning how to play baseball. The Little League Bats are for kids aged seven to twelve years old, which generally weighs around 16oz to 23oz. Children around 10 to 13 years old who are participating in tournaments and travel leagues can use the Senior League Bats. Most of these baseball bats can also be used because they comply with high school leagues’ regulations. Of course there is also a little league baseball bat that older kids in high school and college can use. The High School or College Bats are for those aged 13 and up and must normally contain a BESR (Bat Exit Speed Rating) stamp for safety purposes.

These bats are made up of either wood or aluminum but one type that are gaining popularity right now is the Composite Bats, which is made of fiber material and resin, making it very similar to fiber glass. These kinds of baseball bats are quite expensive if compared with wooden and aluminum bats. The need a little more breaking in than normal but it they are very light. Therefore they are widely used in amateur baseball games right now but was recently banned from the NCAAs.

Regardless if you prefer to buy an aluminum baseball bat, composite baseball bat or a wooden baseball bat, keep in mind to buy one that is appropriate for the age and height of the player who will use it. Using the correct little league baseball bats are very important and plays a big role in a child’s development and progress towards a potential career in baseball.